Your #1 Responsibility…

How many things are you responsible for?

I am the mom, the wife, the homemaker, the accountant, the healer, the storyteller, and the lunch lady. All of these come with great responsibilities. And that’s just within the walls of my home.

I am also a business owner and entrepreneur. I have daily responsibilities to make all of the magic behind the scenes happen for my success.

There is one responsibility that cannot be overlooked in my day to day routine. The responsibility to care for myself.

If I don’t put any responsibility upon myself to care for my health, mental wellness, energy, and body how in the world would I succeed in being responsible for all the needs of others?

When it comes right down to it, everyone is responsible for themselves. As women, we take on the responsibilities of others because we naturally care for others. But also, as women, we don’t take care of ourselves as well as we should.

Being responsible for your own needs will bring greatness to your well-being which in turn brings greatness to your home and your family and then it seeps outside of those walls to others. But you have to take responsibility for yourself. Make yourself a priority. Set up a schedule of responsibilities that bring greatness to YOU.

My responsibilities to myself are my essential oils, my supplements, and my morning writing. These responsibilities set me up for greatness each and every day. I have other responsibilities. I am responsible for fueling my body and moving my body. I am responsible for making sure I contact my people, guide them, and care for them. I am responsible for paying my bills and keeping my business running.

If I don’t stick to these responsibilities, I begin to hesitate and when I hesitate, my greatness slips a little further from my grasp.

How are you being responsible for yourself? Have you set responsibilities for your self-care and made your health and wellness a priority?

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