Open Doors

Yesterday I had some appointments lined up with some new members and during those consultations a common remark kept surfacing, “I tried (insert magical solution) and it didn’t work so I quit using it.”

My follow up question is always, “Did you use/do it consistently and then it didn’t work or did you try it once and it didn’t work?” There’s a big difference.

If you have given something 100% and it doesn’t work, the door isn’t opening, or it’s locked up tight then try something different. If the door handle just sticks, try a little harder before you move on to the next door.

The opportunities for health, wellness, happiness, and everything you want are behind closed doors. In order to reap the benefits or find that joy you have to put your hand on the knob, give it a turn, give a jiggle, or even kick it a bit to get it open. But if the door truly won’t open, move on. Don’t waste time trying to get in. There’s usually a reason that door won’t open.

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