Take a Chance

Take a chance, make a choice, see the change.

I’ve taken a lot of chances in my life. Some of them were stupid, some of them were brilliant, and a lot of them were in between. Recently I’ve been taking a lot more chances on the things that are important to me. Those chances are filling my passion garden with the some beautiful results.

When you take a chance, you plant a seed. It can be scary. You put something in the ground and hope to see it sprout and grow. Sometimes those seeds become weeds that you have to pull up and toss out. If you don’t care for them they don’t push their way through the surface of the soil. But when you care for them and nurture them, they produce beautiful flowers or bountiful food. If you never take the chance, never plant the seed, you will never know what could have sprouted.

When you make the choice to take the chance, you begin to feel the momentum. It becomes the part of growth where you water your seed, give it sunlight, and start to see it sprout. The choice is the conscious and physical action of your chance. During your choice, you begin to question everything. Does my seed have too much water, not enough water, too much sun, not enough sun, should I fertilize or not? During the choice you learn the most about what you are taking a chance on. You do the most nurturing to your seed.

The change is your tangible stage. You can feel results, see results, and benefit from all the hard work you put into your choice. Your seed has burst forth and is growing and thriving! You start to smell the sweet scent of your flowers or taste the results of your fruits and veggies. Change is the pull that keeps you taking the chances and making the choices.

Everything you do in life is about taking a chance, making a choice, and seeing the change. Gather your seeds of chance, plant them in a hearty soil and nurture them with everything you can. Then savor the fruits of your labor. Don’t carry those seeds of chance around for long. Start planting them before it’s too late.

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