time is always ticking away

The past holds some of our deepest emotions, our biggest moments, and our darkest secrets. Many of those past memories are happy reminders of things we’ve done. Many of them are lessons we’ve learned. Some of them are sad. Some of them are painful.

They are all the same in one way, though. They are in the past.

We can call up the memory of something that has happened, but we can’t relive that exact moment. For some of us, why would we want to. For others, that’s all that they want.

What we can do is be alive, right now, in this present and create memories with the ones we love. We can learn new lessons and teach them to others. We can be present in someone’s life to help them heal. We can just be in the now.

Our ability to live intentionally RIGHT NOW is our optimism for the future.

We have the power to create something new, something better, and something greater for this very moment and for all the moments to come.

We all have the ability to create the optimism this world needs so that when we look back on our life’s lessons, we have happiness, joy, and accomplishments that will live on as our legacy.

Be the ripple of optimism that reaches everyone in your pond today. Pull someone up, help them smile, and give them hope.

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