Time to upcycle

Are you the type of person who looks at an old chair in someone’s yard and thinks, “Oh man, with a coat of paint and that fabric I found, that would be perfect in my front room!” Or do you see a friend hauling something to the dumps and you say, “That has a lot of life left in it if you just….”

Today I am tearing apart my upright piano. It has been moved, not professionally, 4 different times, hasn’t been tuned, and has a few sticky keys. Playing it doesn’t sound horrible but there are some seriously out of tune keys. It’s time to find a new and exciting use for it so today it gets an upcycle. I believe I can make it into a very beautiful and useful piece.

Sometimes we need to take that same inclination to restore or create and apply it to ourselves. Take something you already have and beef it up a bit. Maybe you have a degree that you haven’t been using. Maybe you are certified in something but haven’t really practiced lately. Maybe you just need a day to rejuvenate. Conceive an upcycle for yourself, believe in yourself, and watch the achievements flow in.

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