Being Present

A friend of mine changed her profile picture today and added an image that I was unfamiliar with. After I looked it up and did some research, because I’m a Facebook stalker type of learner, I got a full understanding of what her message was. I began thinking about this statement, “Through the happy and the difficult times, be present” and I realized that there are a lot of people suffering and struggling right now with mental wellness issues. They can be severe and even life threatening or mild or as simple as passing on an invitation to a gathering. No matter the level of struggle, there is a necessity to be present in your own life and in the lives of others.

It’s easy to be happy and smiling and have the curtains wide open when things are going great. You want to share your joy and spread some joy. This is the time to be present for others, to reach out to someone you know who is struggling and find out if you can lend a hand or just listen. This is the time to keep inviting someone to that event, class, or get together. This is the time to be present for them and help them to find something good in their lives.

Sometimes it feels easier to just close the curtains and sit in your solitude, especially when times are difficult. Removing yourself from the outside world can bring a false sense of being ok. Hiding your difficulties or hiding from them, not reaching out, and not having a support system keeps you from being present in a life that is passing you by. This is the time to be present for yourself, reflect on your struggles, and know that there are others out there who want to be present for you.

Open your curtains today. Look outside. See that the sun is rising a little bit earlier every day. See that the snow is melting a little more each day. Know that beneath the cold, new life is waiting to burst up from the earth. Put your heart out there to someone who needs your presence or reach out to someone for their presence. No one should be going through struggles alone and no one should be keeping their passion and positivity from reaching others.

If ever you are in a place of solitude, difficulty, or distress, reach out to those around you. If you can’t be present with friends and family, reach out to a total stranger.

My phone is always on, my door is always open, and my heart is always present.

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