Put on your cape

I’ve seen a lot in the news and on social media lately about how parents are acting with their children. Some of the parents have impressed me with their courage to stand up for what is right and be a great example to their kids. These parents have shown respect for others, despite opposite opinions, and they have shown compassion. Other parents…not so much.

Our world is in a state that hasn’t been seen in all my years of living. I believe history is repeating itself, but in a backwards and double-standard kind of way. Our children are looking to us now more than ever to answer their questions and show us courage in the face of all the confusion and fear.

Our children mimic the actions and language of adults. I have seen it time and again where I personally know a parent and am not at all surprised by the actions of their child, good or bad. I have seen children be kind. I have seen children be malicious. I have seen children be helpful. I have seen children care for only themselves. I have heard such wonderful and creative stories. I have heard foul language and hurtful comments.

As we start this week, I want to focus on our minis, the ones that will have to clean up the messes being created, the ones with no preconceived notions about any of today’s hot topics. The ones who just want to be kids.

Everything we do as a parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and coaches is being watched, listened to, and being archived into the mind of our future leaders. Be courageous for them. Show them that fear won’t take control but it will keep us cautious. Teach them to take chances but be mindful of consequences. Show them to be kind but set boundaries. Teach them compassion for other human beings.

But most of all, put on a cape, run through the house, and help them save the world.

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