What will you achieve?

What will be your greatest achievement? What will your legacy hold?

Everyone is on the threshold of something great. The only thing holding you back from crossing that threshold is whether or not you will jump despite the fear.

Will you jump today? Tomorrow? Ever?

I have been held back a lot in my past. Always trying to live up to the expectations of others, not taking the time to ask myself what I wanted, or just going through the motions because what else was there?

It wasn’t until just last year that I was able to truly find out what glorious things were in store for me. I took the leap, I jumped (with a parachute because I’m not crazy), and I only look back to make sure I’m not repeating any hindering habits or letting hesitation grab control of the wheel.

What I have been able to accomplish in just a short 6 months has been absolutely remarkable. I have a much stronger connection with my husband. My ability to communicate my needs with him has grown from avoiding all confrontation to being comfortable in a difficult conversation. My business has grown and I see a clear future of a brick and mortar location happening within a year. My ability to resolve problems is easier because I get to address them in a way that honors my desire to think, create, and learn. I’ve created little versions of myself that are learning all about kindness, natural healing, and celebrating each other.

Now it’s time for me to take my inner successes outward and start helping other women heal themselves. I get to do that by thinking about what they need, creating a plan of action, and learning how they work. I get to create strong and long-lasting relationships with them. Together we tackle their struggles, find the right plan, and celebrate EVERY success along the way.

If you’ve felt stuck, isolated, or aren’t sure where your passions lie or what great thing lies ahead for you, let’s find out together what you need by finding out who you truly are.

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