Take fear for a ride

Welcome to the weekend…almost.

This weekend I want to challenge all of you to go out there and do something you’ve been afraid of doing. Now, I’m not talking about ski-diving or performing surgery or feeding wild animals with your bare hands.

Fear should always be a passenger in our travels through life. It warns us that there is something coming that we might need to spend a little time thinking about. It keeps us from getting physically injured. It keeps us from getting emotionally injured. But fear also causes hesitation and in some cases, that hesitation stops our entire forward movement.

Put fear in the passenger seat of your vehicle in your travels this weekend. Allow fear to say, “Hey look out for that!” but don’t let fear grab the steering wheel and yank you off the road.

Do what you think you can’t do. Call that relative or friend who you’ve been afraid to talk to. Go outside and visit a place you’ve been afraid to go into since 2020 derailed us. Sign up for those kickboxing classes even though you’re not quite physically ready for them.

And if fear is taking too much control over your path, grab a buddy to travel with. Make them your backseat driver. Let them encourage you while fear keeps you cautious.

Don’t have a buddy or backseat driver? Well, I know a gal who wouldn’t mind a ride in a different rig. šŸ™‹

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