What Lies Within

As I begin a new service in my business, I begin my usual comparison sabotage. I look at how other people have been successful and how they do the same thing I’m doing. I create momentum and then I hesitate to take the next, most committed step for myself which is unfair to those needing me.

I can blame it on all kinds of other things like the husband’s work schedule, the kid’s activities, not getting enough sleep, getting too much sleep, and on and on. I can use anything as a distraction to keep me from riding the waves of momentum.

This is when I know I have dropped into my bottom strengths, when I begin to feel the comparison, competition, and judgement rise up.

In order for me to keep moving past the hesitation, the fear, and the comparison I have to remember what lies within me. I am infinitely unique. I can’t do all the things the same way as anyone else because I am not that person. If I were, then it wouldn’t be my business, my health, my relationships it would be theirs.

The right way is MY way, with my unique qualities. The right way is YOUR way, with your unique qualities. And the right way is ALWAYS the way that honors who you are inside. And this way will work, but only if you do it 100% of the time.

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