Infinitely Unique

Repeating what you do. That sounds a lot easier than trying to add something new or duplicating what needs done. You don’t want to just do the same thing over and over and over again, copying the act that you had been doing. You want to repeat the good things you’re doing but do them a little better every time.

There is an underlying process to everything that needs done. A specific step-by-step. But those steps don’t have to be done exactly the same way. For example, a surgeon is operating on a person. There are step-by-step procedures in order to remove an appendix. An excellent surgeon can do this in their sleep. But as that surgeon goes through the motions of the procedure, they aren’t doing it exactly the same way as another surgeon would. They have their own music playing in the operating room, they have a favorite pair of scrubs they wear, they tie their sutures in their own way.

Imagine a piano player. They are reading music just like reading a book. Playing is just duplicating the notes from the score to your fingers. But each musician will play differently, repeating the pattern but in their own way. Some will hold their notes a little bit longer or a little bit shorter. Each musician puts their own personality and flare into playing.

You can’t sit down next to a surgeon or a piano player and just duplicate what they do. Each person in this world is so infinitely unique that their own personal traits will come out in the repetitive process. That’s what makes human beings so amazing. Not a single person will do the exact same thing. We are not robots.

In any area of your life, repeating the process but adding your own flare is the best way to see success faster. If you try to duplicate another person’s habits or life or procedures or processes it will take you a lot longer.

Be the person you are infinitely meant to be. Show up repeatedly to create your own excellence in the world.

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