March 1, 2021

I used to say, “I’m too old to learn something new.” It was actually quiet common in my conversations with people. But now I’ve realized that I’m not too old to learn new things as long as those new things serve a purpose in my path.

I am learning how to crochet more intricate patterns because I love to crochet. I am still learning how to play the piano, almost the way people are taught, because I love to write music. I am learning how to coach women in their infinite uniqueness, because I love lifting women up and bringing them joy. I am learning how to cook different meals and make healthier things, because I love the process and the taste of good food. I am learning more about natural living, because I love the people around me and want to be with them longer.

All of the things that I am learning are setting intentions for my future. They are all creating new and bigger dreams.

I’m not too old to learn anything new. I’m not too old to set new intentions or goals. And I’m definitely not too old to dream a new dream.

Have you been learning something new? What have you been dreaming?

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